My First Blog Post

Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be renewed by the transforming of your mind …….. Romans 12:2

Hello! My name is Nate Castle. I am a Christian, husband and father in that order. In May of 2019 I had the honor of graduating from Moody Theological Seminary with my Master of Divinity (Mdiv)- a theologically grounded Master’s degree that covers the original Biblical languages (Greek and Hebrew), as well as church history, biblical studies and more. I also have the honor of being pastor at Three Nails One Tree Community Church, a non- denominational Christian fellowship in Metro- Detroit.

The purpose of this site is to explore the nature of the Christian faith. I will be writing (musing shall I say?) on a regular basis on topics of my personal faith journey (which is ongoing) and I pray that these topics will allow us to connect as one body of Christ.

Because the list of what I am not qualified to write about far exhausts what I am qualified to speak on, I will stray away from topics that I know I cannot do justice to. However, I’m pretty certain that I am an expert on the logical and faith based conclusions I have come upon during my journey with Christ.

God Bless. Pastor Nate

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